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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Committee rooms C, D & E - Merton Civic Centre, London Road, Morden SM4 5DX

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Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from:

Councillor Janice Howard

Dr Andrew Murray – Vice Chair and Chair of Merton CCG

Chris Lee – Director of Environment and Regeneration

Lyla Adwan-Kamara -Community Engagement Network


Apologies for late arrival were received from:

Racheal Wardell-Director of Children, Schools and Families



Declarations of pecuniary interest


No declarations of Pecuniary Interest were received

In the interests of openness and transparency Councillor Kelly Braund declared that she works with Diabetes UK but that she did not believe this to be a pecuniary interest.



Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 56 KB


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on 29 January 2019 were agreed as an accurate record.


The Wilson pdf icon PDF 288 KB

Additional documents:


Andrew McMylor, SRO Wilson Programme, MCCG and Dr Doug Hing, Clinical Director for East Merton presented the report giving an update on progress made on the development of the integrated health and wellbeing services for the Wilson Health and Wellbeing campus.


Councillor Kelly Braund asked about the intergenerational nature of the new Wilson H&WB Campus. Dr Hing said that there would be a strong focus on Children and Young People and also on engaging with the whole community.


The Chief Executive of Merton CCG said that community engagement was absolutely critical, and this had been seen in action at a visit to a Health and Wellbeing Campus in Bromley-By-Bow where members were able to see that this model is most effective when local people and the voluntary sector are fully involved.


Khadiru Mahdi said there had been a good start involving the voluntary sector and community groups. He emphasised the need to get all stakeholders involved including Councillors and MPs. Andy McMylor confirmed that he will be talking to ward Councillors


The Director of Public Health said that the Wilson is part of a broader approach to tackling health inequalities across Mitcham and east Merton and it would link to other assets; The Canons, the Dementia Hub and Vestry Hall, can be connected. The Head of Regeneration agreed that there was lots of synergy and he would funnel comments through the Canons Steering Group.


The Chief Executive of Merton CCG commented that he wanted the Wilson H&WB campus to be different and to have a different structural arrangement between statutory bodies and local communities; with real engagement and involvement in design. It needs to evolve in a dynamic way to meet the needs of the local community which will develop over time.


Andy McMylor, Merton CCG, said that he was confident that funding would be resolved soon and then further details will be available. He continued that he sees this project as a focus for many other assets and initiatives in Mitcham and Morden.


The Chair asked about the difference between screening and diagnostic testing and noted that screening involved the whole population and involved looking for a specific condition, and diagnostic testing was used when an individual presented with symptoms to try to determine cause.


The Chair asked how people will know where to present and Dr Hing replied that there will be a link to A&E services and training to ensure correct process. There are also opportunities for wider wellbeing activity on the site ahead of the full development.





The Board noted :

A.   The progress made on the design and development of integrated health and wellbeing services for the Wilson Health & Wellbeing Campus to help people to start well, live well and age well;

B.   The importance of community, patient and stakeholder engagement in the design and development of services.


Tackling Diabetes and Promoting Child Healthy Weight pdf icon PDF 112 KB

Additional documents:


The Director of Public Health presented the report on the approach taken to the development of the Health and Wellbeing Board’s Tackling Diabetes Action Plan and refreshed Child Healthy Weight Action Plan. She asked the Board to note the Launch event for these plans, the Sugar Smart Campaign and the Merton Mile on the 4th April.


Dave Curtis informed the Board that Healthwatch were doing some engagement on diabetes in BME communities. He asked if the CCG could help with the next stage in this work and James Blythe agreed that the CCG had an educational offer and it would be helpful to get this out to more people.


Councillor Kelly Braund expressed her support for the plans and launch event. She emphasised the links between practical support and mental health support and said that stigma around conditions must be removed and support created within communities especially with Children and Young People.

Dr Hing emphasised the importance of removing any stigma and not shaming anybody with these conditions. People have to feel empowered and want to be educated and receive support


The Chair informed the Panel that there was a lot of political support for these plans. The Chair continued that he had invited from Tom Watson MP, who reversed his own Type 2 Diabetes through lifestyle changes, to the launch event. Although unable to attend, he sent a letter in reply that gave a positive endorsement of the event and Merton’s plans.


The Chair asked the Board to remember their conversations with their buddies at the Diabetes Truth Event. He asked The Director of Public Health to use these conversations to create some case studies similar to those that were part of the Wilson presentation, rooted in lived experience.




The Health and Wellbeing Board agreed to:

1.    Note the key messages from the Annual Public Health Report on Diabetes, which will complement the Tackling Diabetes Action Plan and refreshed Child Healthy Weight Action Plan.

2.    Discuss and endorse the Health and Wellbeing Board’s Tackling Diabetes Action Plan and the refreshed Child Healthy Weight Action Plan.

3.    Note the launch of the Tackling Diabetes and Child Healthy Weight Action plans, Sugar Smart Campaign and Merton Mile on the 4th April 2019 and confirm their attendance.

4.    Register for the Sugar Smart Campaign (  with a view to agreeing a pledge to champion and implement in their respective teams/organisations.


Merton Health and Care Plan pdf icon PDF 55 KB

Additional documents:


Josh Potter, Director of Commissioning Merton CCG presented his report on the Merton Health and Care Plan. He asked the Board to note that the final plan will be available in summer 2019.  He asked the Board to note that the Health and Care Plan should be read in the context of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


The Board noted that when the delayed Green Paper on Health and Social Care is released any necessary inclusions will be made.


Councillor Kelly Braund spoke about ‘start well’ and emphasised the importance of additional time given to young people who are transitioning from children’s’ services to either adult services, or who will no longer be covered by any services. She said that stability in this process is critical, and also that developing and training the workforce was the key to successful interventions.


The Board discussed how schools could be key partners, but that consideration had to be given to the challenges they currently faced. They are now responsible for safeguarding, SEMH (social, emotional and mental health) and pastoral care, and there must be consideration of how to support them in this role.


The Managing Director of Merton CCG said he was delighted to put this report forwards as it does feel co-designed. He said that it is a discussion document and gives Merton Health and Care Together its work programme. He asked the Board to note how structural changes were occurring all the time, for example, GPs were now being asked to work in Primary Care Networks. He emphasised that with new demands being made on primary care there was a need to help build resilience in the front line delivery organisations including GP practices and schools


The Head of Regeneration said that this document would feed into the Estates Strategy Workshop.


The Chair concluded by saying that the Board should not underestimate the strength of its partnership relationships, and that this report is an example of what can be achieved when working collaboratively.




The Health and Wellbeing Board commented on the Merton Health and Care Plan, and noted the timeline following the discussion phase, towards a final document in July 2019


Health and Wellbeing Strategy Update pdf icon PDF 590 KB

Additional documents:


The Director of Public Health presented her report on the Merton Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-24. She drew members’ attention to the ’principles and ways of working’, ‘key themes and outcomes’ and ‘framework for accountability’ i of the Draft outline of the Strategy (Appendix 1), and invited their views and comments. She felt that a strength of the Board was that it knew what it could achieve and who was best placed to do the work.


The Board noted that they had worked successfully in recent years through focussing on specific annual priorities for action as a rolling programme. It has been helpful to have this annual rolling programme as it has allowed the Board to continue learning from past achievements. This has been very useful in the work on diabetes and in specific issues such as changing the food offer at public events.


Board members gave the director of Public Health some feedback on factors to consider and focus on in the Strategy The Board noted that there should be consideration of the evidence and experience base in terms of  what had worked elsewhere.


The Director of Children Schools and Families asked the Board to note that although the ‘Think Family Approach’ appears in the ‘start-well’ theme it is not just located in CSF and  it should appear throughout the four strategy theme areas. She asked the Board to consider if there were other approaches that belong across the strategy. The Director of Public Health said she would be happy to add ‘Think Family’ as a Principle and way of working for the Board.


The Board agreed that they were happy with the direction of the Strategy as detailed in the report and presentation.  The Chair asked the Board to note that they shouldn’t underestimate  how much work they had achieved as a board, and it was interesting to look back on this




That the Health and Wellbeing Board:


A.   Noted the methodology, findings and feedback from the engagement and workshop programme used to inform the outline Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

B.   Approved the content of the outline Health and Wellbeing Strategy for development to a full draft. In particular:

Principles and ways of working;

Key themes and outcomes

Ways of delivery

C.   Agreed preferred format and style for the final strategy

D.   Agree proposed further work to be completed for the final strategy

E.   Agreed to receive a full draft Health and Wellbeing Strategy in the June HWBB for sign off and subsequent publication (following cabinet approval in July). 

F.    Agreed to bring outline proposal for priority actions in Year 1 of the new strategy Year 1 to the June HWBB for consideration.